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BY: PAGE ADMIN    UNDER Professional courses   1 January 2017

About the course

The course equips the students with in depth knowledge in the world of website designing and web application development. This course prepares students to become sessoned web programmers by the use of the most widely used server side scripting Language, PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and Most Popular database management system, MySQL (My Strutured Query Language).


What learning benefits do you get from GKGCM training?

Participants will gain a grasp of principles Of Web Designing,  Web Administration,  Php/M Sql and gain real world insight through project work.


What are the career benefits of this course?

Students will be taken through both procedural Programming and Object Oriented programming which will expose them to a high level of programming skills.


Who should do this course?

Candidates who wants to become a professional web programmers.


Course syllabus

  • Principles Of Web Designing
  • Web Administration
  • PHP / MySQL
  • Project Work


Exam and certifications

All modules are assessed by both examination and coursework assignments.