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Basic Concept in IT

BY: PAGE ADMIN    UNDER Ict courses   1 January 2017

This course provides you with the basic knowledge about computers and how it has helped us in workplaces and the world at large. We living in a glabal village where most of the technologies we have today are computer base and it is a must for people to study and know how to use these devices.

We take you through theoritical and practical training in working in identification of components, functions of the components, windows environment and surfing the web.

Student who partake in this course will have an added advantage when it comes to persuing higher course in the school.


Who should attend this course?

Students, workers or individuals seeking to obtain basic computer knowledge. This course is design to guide the student through the concept of information technology and how to use the computer effectively to achieve results.


Why choose this course?

To pursue GKGCM advance courses one must at least obtain our " basic concept in IT" certificate.


Course modules

1. Introduction to computer

2. Internet Literacy

3. Exploring windows 8 interface

4. Creating and Managing User accounts


Exam and certifications

All modules are assessed by both examination and coursework assignments.