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Power Plant Generator

Ghana Korea Germany Church Mission Computer Training school is fortunate to be located at Ghana's electricity Producers, Akosombo. So much of power outtage is less experienced but should there be power outage, the institution has a mega plant that immediately powers the institution.

We take our classes very seriously and wouldnt want any interruption so the need for the generator in case of power outage.


Hostel Facilities

Ghana Korea Germany Church Mission Conputer Training School has an ultra modern hostel facilities for student outside akosombo at a very affordable rate.

The hostel features rooms with 4 beds, 6 beds, 10beds, toilet and bath for each room, a locker for storing items, a modern kitchen with a cooking stove and a fridge. A dining hall with 32 inch LG LED screen(Its use is regulated).

To find out more about the school hostel. Click on the link to get more Information

Computer Lab

Computer Laboratory

Our computer laboratory features state of the art setup, and has a capacity of 30 occupants per a class session.

The room is equiped with 30 sets of modern computers with maximum speed and high storage capacity with the latest operating system (Windows 10) installation on each. Softwares are up todate to help student keep abreast with growing technology.

The Computers are connected to a uninterruptible power supply unit in case of power outage and a projector connected for instructional purpose.

Class room

Class Auditorum

Gkgcm computer training school has 3 room spacious rooms for classroom purposes. This rooms can serve up to 45 students per a class session.

The rooms are well equiped with three ceiling fans, air conditioner, white formica boards, modern chairs and tables and well ventilated.