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The Ghana – Korea Germany Church Mission Commuter Training School (GKGCM) located in Akosombo is a product of a Trilateral Partnership made up of Church bodies in Ghana, Korea and Germany. These Church bodies are the Volta Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, The Young -Dueng- Po Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Korea and the Protestant Church of the Palatinate of the Evangelical Missionary Society (Based Mission) in Germany.

Trilateral Partnership is not common in the history of world Mission and this had been established among these Church bodies stated above.


It all started in the year 1999 when the Volta Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana intended to go into a Partnership with the Palatinate Church of Palatinate in Germany (PCP). The PCP was already in Partnership with some three Presbyteries in the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. They are central, Western and West Akyem Presbyteries.

The Head of Mission of the PCP, Rev. Gerhart Fritz introduced the VP to the Young-Dueng- Po Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church of Korea (YDP) a Member of the Evangelical Mission in solidarity (EMS) who also intends to have a Partner in Africa (Ghana).

The YDP Presbytery was already in Partnership with the Church of the Palatinate in Germany. A Partnership Committee was formed by the YDP Presbytery known as the Korea Germany church Relations Committee (KGCRC) from the Ghanaian Church (Volta Presbytery) would benefit from it.

However, the main issue changed to “How does the Ghanaian Society benefit from the Trilateral Partnership? “It means interest has been shifted from the inner – Church to Outer – Church. The plan to establish a Computer Training School was to encourage the Volta Presbytery to be self – development. It was later realized that the School when established would have a vital role to play in the Social setup of the wider Society.


The GKGCM was established as an information and Technology communication (ICT) school to offer beginners, intermediates, and Professional course to your people and adults at a very convenient atmosphere and affordable rate.

AIMS: The school was established with the primary aim to witness Christ and by responding to The ICT needs of the Society, especially to Presbyterians in Akosombo and its environs And Ghana as a whole.

  1. To provide high quality internet and Computer Technology education to Ghanaians.

  2. To act as a forum for expressing views and taking decisions collectively on matters of management of the school.


  1. To provide voluntary Computer Literacy Training to Ghanaians on non-profit making basis.

  2. To provide Ghanaians with Technical Skills of maintenance of computers.

The motive in to inculcate deeper Knowledge and devotion in Jesus Christ in all who pass through the school.